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I Enrolled for a dress I found on here which I would not be able to afford if I paid for in a shop. I followed the instructions and successfully made the dress with ease, and it was AMAZING! I love how good the products are on here also, Will definitely be making another one soon!
Olivia Brown Clothing - Student
I enrolled for a bird box for in my garden, bought all the tools and materials which came quickly and in good condition. I followed the instructions and made it with no problems at all! It is still in my garden looking so pretty and I cant that the teachers and Instructazone enough for helping me out.
Lauren Lara Home & Garden - Student
I have been selling courses on this website due to the fact that I have made a lot of electronic products in the past and thought it was a good idea to share my inventions, as well as sell the materials needed for the tasks. I have received a lot of positive feedback from their and looking forward to sharing more of my products in the future!
Adrienne Cole Tech - Teacher
I had the problem of neck strain whenever I tried to sleep on the plane. I tried to find products in the shop such as beany pillows but they never seemed to work. I saw a teacher posted a product on how to make a comfy pillow which will help this problem disappear. I gave it a go and it worked! I no longer have neck pain when travelling thanks to this website!
Samantha Harding Travel - Student