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Our Approach

Our mission is to get everyone involved in DIY, and to improve their everyday lifestyle, including yours! This is a website which saves you money, and allows you to create more interesting and amazing products, by following step by step instruction easy enough to understand, and gives access to all the tools and materials needed to successfully complete your desired product!

To make sure all the courses are correct, they are reviewed by our engineering and design team before a teacher is able to publish a course. We ensure all courses are capable for build and include all tools and materials required, alongside with many more requirements.

Our Story

Samuel Bagshaw (CEO) Has passion and desire for when it comes down to DIY design and engineering. The idea first came about when he was creating instructions for golf mats that he was selling on amazon in the winter season, so that each of the golf mat was made correctly with the correct specifications before completing. During this time, he came up with the idea to create a website where people can share all different types of products around the world, that engineers, designers or DIY Fanatics have made themselves, and to share the instructions, tools and materials needed to fully complete building the product.

Meet Our Most Popular Teachers

These teachers have had the education and over 10 years of experience in DIY industry. With focus on their area of skill, they have managed to create more than 20 different products successfully, shared to the instructazone community.

Peter Broadbent


Peter is a skilled engineer with 20 years experience in electronics engineering and design.

Malik Redmond


From working in a job that requires travelling every week to different locations, Malik has made a number of products to support his travel struggles.

Sarah Gartside


With a wide variety of clothing styles, Sarah has a passion to get unique with her designs whilst looking amazing!

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